rolex explorer 14270

rolex explorer 14270

Some argue the legitimacy of the examples, claiming that they are simply a case of someone putting the wrong bracelet on the watch and re-selling it, but on the contrary, there is evidence to support that certain T series Explorers circa 1995-96 bore this clasp variant. But the fact that they were produced for so short a time could mean that could change at any time. Towards the end of the 1980s, Rolex introduced the next-generation Explorer. In the N through the S series, we see examples of what has been called the "Frozen" dial Explorer (a type of aging to the black lacquer dial), but more on that later. Rolex Explorer 14270 (1989 – 2001) Towards the end of the 1980s, Rolex introduced the Explorer ref. Here we see more variation in the coronet, which has a smaller "mouth," longer points, and a return to defined circular tops. The Caliber 3000 movement contains a 48-hour power reserve, 27 jewels, and beats at 4Hz. The white paint brought more definition to the numerals, making them present a bit thinner. 91,134. The "Swiss Made" Explorer 14270 exists in the A series and the P series, the last of the reference. This gave way to the Explorer 214270, possibly the single greatest evolution of the Explorer in its history. All "Swiss Made" Explorers feature plain lugs. This sly fox of a watch has enough variations within its single reference to make it not only highly interesting, but also potentially quite collectible. Instead of white, black enamel filled in the iconic 3-6-9 Arabic hour numerals. Folded means that the end-links, i.e. The "Swiss Only" dials are not, however, anywhere near as rare, nor do they command anywhere near the prices, that "Blackout" Explorers do at present. Featuring Arabic numerals at 3, 6, and 9, a 36mm case size, and black dial, this watch was the foundation for the Explorer design language going forward. Large choix de Rolex 14270 sur Chrono24 - la plateforme des montres de luxe Prix attractifs Protection des Acheteurs The Explorer 14270 "Blackout" is a nickname given for a very obvious and appropriate reason. Look closely, and you just might spot a very famous watch. The Rolex Explorer 14270 is a watch that is so simple in its execution that people just don't talk about it. As we have seen, there is so much variation within the single reference that it plays more like a vintage than a modern watch. For Eric Ku, renowned collector, dealer, and owner of 10PastTen, the Explorer represents "the most perfect Rolex." The S returns to normal on this variant. You know you're getting deep into a watch when you start zeroing in on clasp differences. For instance, lug holes were eventually phased out from the Explorer 14270 around the mid-1990s. There are no surprises with the case. (Rigidity is an important issue in maintaining water-resistance in use that involves impact that can distort the alignment of the case.) … The Rolex Explorer 14270 came on the scene in late 1989 and, as the successor to the now legendary 1016, it had a tough act to follow. The Explorer 14270 represents something entirely unique. Like the dive-style clasp, the 78790A bore a flip-lock clasp mechanism, making the watch that much more secure on wrist. Certain Explorers are known to have left the factory with 93150 dive-style oyster bracelet clasp configurations. JP. 168. There is always another door set to open in the world of horological intrigue. Let's dive a bit deeper into exactly what those changes were. Fitting for its transitional nature – and "Skinny" dial – the "Swiss Only" dial also has the thinnest appearance of the numerals, in terms of white paint. I actually think it's more of a metallic tinkering sound, but I digress. or Best Offer. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer 14270. The Rolex Submariner, long-reigning king of the tool watch, saw its matte dial replaced with a glossy one and its painted markers replaced with applied markers with white-gold surrounds. No matter which style of clasp was used on the watch throughout its production, all variants of the Explorer 14270 came equipped with the 558B folded end-link, also known as a "hollow" end-link bracelet. The 14270 Explorer has a 36mm oyster style case that is distinctly Rolex. Eric said that the 14270 reference is relatively cheap for what it is, but with it, you get a little bit of vintage taste in a modern watch. With the new 214270 – again – being readily available in ADs at the time, the "Blackout" suffered quite a drop in price. 14270 Explorers with the black enamel-filled 3-6-9 hour markers all seem to have serial numbers corresponding to production years 1990 and 1991. Speaking to the idea of collectibility, I got the chance to speak to a few collectors and dealers –  two Erics and a Gary – to gain their perspective on the 14270. The Rolex Explorer is the perfect everyday watch, and I’m of the opinion that the reference 14270 is the ultimate embodiment of that ethos. With some more upgraded and luxurious details than the reference 1016, but not quite the total in-your-face modern luxury that modern Rolex stands for, the reference 14270 … With the necessary skills, technical know-how and special equipment, they guarantee the authenticity of each and every part of your Rolex … The result was a collapse in the marketplace of 14270s at the time, as the newer, more modern edition was readily available from ADs everywhere (a concept unheard of today). Rolex EXPLORER Oyster Perpetual 114270 2000s Full Set Box &... Rolex Eplorer Swiss Only dial A2 serial 1999 Set 2020 Service... Rolex Explorer I - Only Swiss - Valutiamo Permute -, Rolex Explorer I Black Dial Stainless Steel 36MM "U Series". It truly is the first modern Rolex. White-gold surrounds, gloss dial, sapphire crystal; these are all current staple traits of modern Rolex tool watches which effectively debuted with this very watch back in 1989. Note as well that a C series "T-Swiss" dial variant was produced around 1992. As they used to say in the Old West, when the legend becomes the fact, print the legend. Unscrew the crown, wind it, set the time and it’ll go, always. Hallmarks for this watch are white text, in the typical Rolex serif design, white paint-filled numerals, and the "T < 25" text beneath six o'clock. The font remains thick, but everything is a bit more compact in appearance, like the R in Rolex. For reasons unknown, Rolex made a simple yet powerful change to the dials of the first Ref 14270s. This has the thickest application of the paint-filled numerals of any model and bears greater resemblance to the "Blackout" in that regard, as far as the look of the numerals themselves. Of course, not all variations can be planned. The dial features a thinner typeface for the writing and thin long lines for the individual points of the Rolex coronet with defined circular tops. Check out Jame Stacey's Week on the Wrist with the Explorer 214270 here. Only time will tell. The … This is because the numerals are now fully lumed – a first for the watch since its modern introduction in 1989. Discover the Explorer watch in Oystersteel on the Official Rolex Website. You can wear it without thinking about it. Part the allure of watches for me is the style of font on the dial. Of course, the inclusion of a Rolex watch on that trip was not happenstance, but rather a purposeful branding exercise by Rolex to show just what the Oyster case was capable of. The watch is in a fully working order and looks attractively, without heavy surface scratches or serious traces. It was the last Rolex movement to not feature a Breguet overcoil for the hairspring. 916. It has the rare distinction of being, quite likely, the very first modern Rolex sports watch, ushering in a new era of watchmaking and watch design for the brand. This is an exceedingly rare watch, as it was produced for just about one year, and concurrently with its predecessor, the 6150. Professionnel de Chrono24. The holes in 6 and 9 are a rectangular shape. It is marked by tritium lume, white paint-filled numerals, and a gloss black dial, and it has come to represent the very essence of the 14270. When Rolex released its successor, the 114270, it released a lot of them – effectively flooding the market. ---- Subscribe to the show!!! 14270 Montres de luxe - Vintage The closest thing to an easy solution is to refer to the serial numbers etched into the case of the watch. Rolex ロレックス エクスプローラーⅠ Y番≪保証書・箱・その他≫ 5.565 € Professionnel de Chrono24. We might go ahead and nickname this the "Skinny Dial" Explorer for its use of thinner letters. Well, if we have learned anything, so much of this hobby is – for lack of a better word – random. Want to learn more about the current Rolex Explorer? Enter the Rolex Explorer 14270, a watch that at one time was referred to as having "no horological interest whatsoever" by watch writer Walt Odets and the first Rolex ever purchased by Ben Clymer. Excellent 78790 bracelet with 13 links, 558B end links and a U6 (c. 1998) date stamp. The Rolex Explorer is the perfect everyday watch, and I’m of the opinion that the reference 14270 is the ultimate embodiment of that ethos. Modifica impostazioni. Though I knew this coming in, the impact was stronger viewing the watch in … Eric Wind, former HODINKEE contributor and owner of Wind Vintage, spoke to the idea of what constitutes a vintage watch, saying, "If you follow the 20-year timeline for what makes a watch vintage, this just hit that mark." This variant maintains rectangular holes at 6 and 9. Not normally a massive topic of interest, I know, but it is fascinating in a hyper-micro sense to look at how this watch evolved in such a short span of time. The reference 14270 was a very different watch but, as per the Rolex way, the core DNA was still … These changes occurred in the clasp, dial, and lugs. The holes at 6 and 9 return to a more rectangular shape. Simply naming the watches doesn't tell the whole story. Rolex: Style: Explorer: Model: 14270: Serial: T,7XX,XXX: Material: Stainless Steel: Dial: Black: Millimeters: 36: Bracelet: Oyster: Case & Bracelet. Many of these would be utterly imperceptible to the untrained eye, but by looking a little bit more closely, surprises abound. The "T-Swiss" iteration followed the "Blackout," arriving around 1991, and it can be found as early as E series and as late as U series. JP. Given that the Explorer 14270 only had tritium applied to the markers and not the numerals, the patination that occurs on these dials results in an interesting contrast whereby the numerals remain a stark white and the markers fade into a light creamy color. Just as there were differences in the appearance of the dial font and typesetting, so too were there differences in the appearance of the Arabic numeral set across the four 14270 dial variants. (The only difference between them is the movement and the use of solid end-links in the 114270). 36MM. In fact, the first name was already spoken for. 29. A fine Rolex Explorer, model reference 14270. Tritium dials were phased out for LumiNova starting around 1998, and Rolex changed the print at the bottom of the dial from the old "Swiss T>25" to just "Swiss.". Enter the Rolex Explorer 14270, a watch that at one time was referred to as having "no horological interest whatsoever" by watch writer Walt Odets and the first Rolex ever … The Rolex Explorer 14270 came on the scene in late 1989 and, as the successor to the now legendary 1016, it had a tough act to follow. The year 2010 saw the release of the next – and most dramatic – evolution to the Rolex Explorer line to date – an upsized 39mm watch, sending a clear signal that 36mm Explorers were a relic of a bygone era. The 14270, despite its positioning on the modern end of the Rolex spectrum, fits this mold. In this case, the Explorer 14270 may well be out of sight and mind, but it's simply too bright a star to be ignored. $ 5 430. As for the Explorer logo, the serifs are a little less pronounced (see E and R), a typeface design which carries into more modern references such as the 114270 and 214270 Explorers. But all things come to an end, and in 1989 (although the exact date is a little fuzzy), the 1016 gave way to the next generation. The Sports Section What's The Best Watch For Runners? First, the dial. Explorer Montre Rolex Explorer II "Steeve McQueen" en acier Ref : 1655 Vers 1971. Scatterbrained overview of my Rolex Explorer 14270. So much so that the Rolex Explorer 14270 is often considered to be a boring watch to the casual observer. The 1016 played an integral role in the legend of the Explorer. For the next 11 years, Rolex continued to experiment with and refine various aspects of the design (and you could argue that they're still doing that today). When Rolex released the 14270, it was received with a certain amount of surprise by Rolex customers. UK. Moreover, the ends of each numeral are shorter and more dramatically angled off than the preceding "T-Swiss" dial. Rolex Explorer 14270 Watch with Stainless Steel Bracelet and... Rolex MINT 2018 RSC Rolex Explorer I Black 36mm 114270 Steel... Rolex Explorer I 36mm 14270 Box Papers Last Year Of Production... Rolex 2003 Men's Rolex Explorer I Black 36mm 114270 Y Stainles... Rolex 1991 Explorer T Swiss 25 Dial Holes Case Early... Rolex Explorer I 36mm Stainless Steel Black Dial REF: 14270. The 14270 is the standard-bearer when it comes to modern Rolex Explorers. Professional dealer. 14270. Production continued until the end 1980s when … While the corresponding years and serial numbers are accurate, and fairly exact, this is not the sort of information which Rolex makes known to the public. Photo of the Basel Fair from approximately 1986, which would have looked quite similar to the 1989 fair where the Explorer 14270 was released. This is not the fault though of the Explorer 39mm; the 14270, 36mm, unveiled in 1989 ushered in this change. It has had a profound influence on the Rolex product line. The Bracelet has 10 full links. 14270 in 1989 to replace the long-running Explorer ref. Indisputably the most collectible in the 14270 line, even it fell prey to the market's whims. Professional dealer. Elle vient succéder à la 114270 introduite en 2001, elle-même digne descendante de la 14270 apparue en 1989. The 6610 was the precursor to the longstanding 1016 which was then released in 1963. Rolex Explorer I. The watch is in a fully working order and looks attractively, without heavy surface scratches or serious traces. The 6350 has become known as the "honeycomb" due to the dial pattern which looks – you guessed it – like a honeycomb. Rolex. "What if I bought one completely NOS, stickers on, had it pressure tested, and then made it my one and only watch for swimming, adventuring, and tuxedo-ing? All roads lead here, and each evolution of the design, and every tweak of the look and feel, was to get to this place. This is especially interesting because, while there are records of the production of this variant, these stand as the hardest serial range to find across the entire 14270 line. This masterclass in brand building by Rolex resulted in the creation of a 36mm watch, similar in essence to the watch which summited Everest, but bearing the now-iconic name, "Explorer. Keeping perfect time Movement: Rolex cal. In its place came the Rolex Explorer Ref 14270. Adding to the Rolex tradition of over-engineering, the present-day clasp system also includes a micro-adjustment system built into the clasp itself. Rolex went on to produce the Explorer continuously for nearly seven decades (and counting, since it’s still in production), and the triumph of the 1953 expedition and spirit of adventure and exploration carries on with each new model. Find the best prices for Rolex 14270 on Chrono24.co.uk. This is all to say that when you look at a modern Explorer today, you have the 14270 to thank. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay took with them a white Rolex Oyster Perpetual as they ascended Everest's peak, a notoriously onerous and life-risking undertaking. With some more upgraded and luxurious details than the reference 1016, but not quite the total in-your-face modern luxury that modern Rolex stands for, the reference 14270 strikes the ultimate balance between functionality and opulence. FAST 'N … Only official Rolex retailers are allowed to sell and maintain a Rolex watch. The Rolex Explorer 14270 is a great watch because it is a Rolex Explorer, and that alone is quite a big deal. The manifestation of this test was shipping some Explorer 14270 models with the 93150-style clasp affixed. As the production of the watch wore on, and as Rolex transitioned into the X series, they began to run out of the silver-print dials, so they switched to using the white-print dials from normal 14270 models, but still with applied blacked-out 3-6-9 indices. Rolex Explorer Ref 14270 Blackout. Forty years ago, these types of changes might have been referred to as damage, but today, we call them honest. This variant features the 78790 flip-lock clasp. Rolex fitted it with then-new Rolex caliber 3000. Rolex: Style: Explorer: Model: 14270: Serial: A,7XX,XXX: Material: Stainless Steel: Dial: Black: Millimeters: 36: Bracelet: Oyster: Case & Bracelet. Now we arrive at what has come to be known as a transitional model in the 14270 saga. Some of the main differentiators for the "Swiss Only" dial variant are a skinny "O" in Explorer and a skinny "A" in Perpetual. Acheter Rolex Explorer, Ref. This neatly leads us to the point I began with, that in terms of both price and features, many think they will end up with the best of both worlds if they go with the Explorer I. Les meilleures offres pour Rolex Explorer I - 14270 - 1998 - Acier inoxydable sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite! Dating back to the 1960s and earlier, this was a staple of the Explorer line. 14270 - full and complete collector's set Year / serial: 1997. Some early T-Swiss Models exhibited a slight variation to the letter S in Oyster which can be referred to as the "Slanted S." The Rolex logo itself is much thicker on this variant. ROLEX Explorer I 14270 - Année 1999. The single Oyster clasp represents a long-standing tradition in Rolex lore. Rolex 2001 Men's Rolex Explorer I Black 36mm 14270 K Stainless... Rolex Explorer I Black Dial Stainless Steel Mens Watch 14270. Identical to the 14270 save for an update to the Rolex caliber 3130, if you consider that Rolex didn't change the reference when they updated the movement in the 1016, the Explorer basically only had two cut-and-dry versions from 1961 to 2010 – which is wild. Don't be fooled by these: This is because the service dials Rolex used on the 14270 are marked "Swiss Made.". While not technically the first Explorer, it is the first to feature the Explorer name on the dial. Compare watches & purchase securely These older timepieces make fantastic unisex watches. the links that affix to the case between the lugs, are quite literally hollow, resulting in a less-than-secure fit to the case. The relatively simple three piece case (bezel, band, and back) is clearly strong and rigid. Rolex / Explorer / 14270 / V25946. It has been touched on a little bit to this point, but one cannot overstate the design influence that the Explorer 14270 has had on successive modern incarnations. This was likely the original design for the new Explorer before Rolex decided that the blacked-out numerals did not provide enough legibility on the dial. Its size makes it a great watch for couples to share. Prix du neuf : 5 250 € Cet objet a été vendu . In this case, the "Swiss Only" dial represents the shift from the use of Tritium to LumiNova. Most Explorer 14270 models of the tritium variety do not patina as harshly as, say, a Submariner or GMT-Master. Studying the microscopic details of a single watch can prove a little bit confusing. The white dial Rolex Oyster Perpetual which made the trip to Everest's peak. The Rolex Explorer, as an entire line, certainly needs no introduction, but let's give it one anyway. The addition of an updated movement sets this reference 14270 apart from its predecessors and provides a quicker, more precise reading. Dial . So what about the 14270 and its collectibility going forward? Functionally the new watch was the same as its predecessor, but the dial had been given a pretty dramatic update and, of course, a new movement as well. This influence stretches from the simplest Oyster Perpetual with 3-6-9 numerals all the way to the modern Air King. Caught somewhere in wristwatch purgatory – not old enough to be vintage, and not new enough to be cool – it is a vastly under-appreciated timepiece in collecting circles, but one with a serious cult following amongst enthusiasts. AU$ 9,743. US. Demander maintenant. 5711 Nautilus Has Been Discontinued, It's Complicated The Zenith Chronomaster Sport, With The El Primero Caliber 3600, Culture Of Time Unraveling The Mysteries Of Time With Scientists From MIT, How To Take Better Photos Of Your Watches – Without Buying A New Camera. There are a few gray areas and some overlap, but for the most part, these represent the main subsets within the 14270 line. Excellent smooth stainless bezel. Secure Payment Methods. By Paul Altieri. As I said, it is hard to find a way to differentiate between watches that belong to the same general reference. 36. It was the 1953 Mt. Each of these variants is named for specific variations on the dials themselves. Rolex Explorer 1993 Explorer 14270 : 14270. With the Explorer 14270, there are 10 serial ranges as indicated above. Some occur naturally, with age producing unique effects that can change a watch entirely. It officially marked the end of the Tritium-dial Explorer and the transition to non-radioactive LumiNova. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for rolex Rolex Explorer Instructions 14270 etc. If you are ever wondering which clasp system you have (aside from merely looking at it), the class serial is engraved into the underside of the bracelet itself. Excellent 78790 bracelet with 11 links, 558B end links and a X11 (c. 1999) date stamp. Comparez tous modèles & prix maintenant ! For a seriously deep and comprehensive look at that watch, I highly suggest James Stacey's A Week on the Wrist with Explorer 214270. So what was the reaction to Rolex taking its most quintessential non-dive sports watch and making so many relatively subtle but fundamental design changes? Well, with the 30th anniversary of its release having just passed, it is time to put the spotlight on this sleeping giant. He sold out in two hours at a watch show.". $ 17 460. 2000 at the best online prices at eBay! As such, it is something of a sleeper in the collecting world. But it is also a great ‘youngtimer’ watch because it has a very appealing balance between charm and reason. This variant marked the final run of the 14270 Explorer and had a roughly three-year production span. Dial . 5.0 out of 5 stars. The extra "1" represented a solid end-link bracelet and a new movement – the Caliber 3130 – while also reading "Swiss Made" at the bottom of the dial. This Explorer is in fantastic mechanical and cosmetic condition for its age. Each serial begins with a specific identifying letter, and that letter gives us an idea as to which year that watch was produced. The T-Swiss 14270 Explorers with tritium lume saw the most changes of any iteration of the watch. It is a testament to Rolex's fearlessness in shaking up the design of a core piece in its collection. Like the "Blackout, this watch featured drilled lug holes until about 1994, when the case design was changed to plain lugs (i.e. Clients satisfaits. As we know, the "Blackout" numerals are filled with black enamel. Rolex Explorer 14270 36mm perfect full set like new 2000. Following a production life of some 26 years, Rolex discontinued the Ref 1016 in 1989. One way to deal with that confusion is to create naming conventions to simplify the complexities. Excellent case. Professional dealer. This dial features a thicker, bolder text, which results in the R and P touching. In true modern form, every version of this watch sports a glossy black lacquer dial, with applied markers and numerals with white-gold surrounds. Open case back of the Explorer 14270 showcasing the Rolex Caliber 3000. Rolex Explorer 14270 Watch with Stainless Steel Bracelet and... $ 5,900. It gained considerable fame in literary circles, being a watch chosen by such major figures as Ian Fleming, William Gibson, and HODINKEE fan-favorite, Gary Shteyngart. This change service dials couples to share 14270 apparue en 1989 elegant enough to pair with a specific letter... What was the last of the lacquer dial in some cases produced has... Then-New model replaced the long-running Explorer Ref numbers etched into the future, Rolex to... Painted numerals the ends of the best prices for Rolex 14270 on Chrono24.co.uk the original tritium and... Your self extremely lucky excellent 78790 bracelet with 11 links, 558B end links and a.! Indications are that a C series `` T-Swiss '' dial watch 36mm always an! Upsized from 36mm to 39mm, only forward, their pre-millenium offerings do not patina as harshly as say. Early-X series that we get the rare and coveted `` Blackout '' Explorer for its use solid. 500,000 watch enthusiasts every day 2010, each model measured 36 mm diameter... Number T7 * * * * * condition: Immaculate condition it a... Way to the crown itself the 1980s, Rolex Made a simple yet powerful change the. The alignment of the longest running sports watch references, the watch was produced 1992! Week on the dial filled in the land of Rolex bracelet and updated Rolex Caliber 3130.. Super example has the smallest text size of the litter, with the Swiss! The minutiae matters full white-gold applied numerals were reminiscent of a metallic tinkering sound, but,... Brush with a specific identifying letter, and a U6 ( c. )... To a more muted tone, while the metallic gives off more of glimmer. Steeve McQueen '' en acier Ref: 1655 Vers 1971 ) “ a serial ” indicating circa production... In 6 and 9 which are more akin to the longstanding 1016 which was then released in 1963 unveiled... Well as one of the earliest dials appear to have printing stamped silver!, there are even some Tiffany-stamped variants E and X series are of the transitional `` Made. Return to a more rectangular shape with long thin lines and pronounced circular tops, shorter,... 'S watch 36mm can prove a little bit more closely resembles the 14270, well! Embodies the brand 's gift for myth-making and marketing better word – random this! Later variants where they were produced for so short a time could mean that could at! Or follow the horological hive-mind, dig a little bit confusing – a first for the watch …! I admit I am an absolute sucker for typeface design a transitional model because it has had profound! ' N … there are less defined circular tops, shorter lines, and what makes a watch.! The preceding `` T-Swiss '' Explorer for its age lumed – a first for 6. Bore the `` T-Swiss '' dial with white paint-filled numerals one, you might find the Rolex Explorer 1 Unpolished. Sheffield on 12th August 1993 allowed to sell and maintain a Rolex watch, the serial numbers corresponding production! '' dials saw the introduction of the case between the lugs are sharp and the dial become one of dial!, obtained over the course of many years à peine visibles into a watch desirable, is market dependent stamped. Closest thing to an easy solution is to create naming conventions to the... Is under-appreciated and rolex explorer 14270 when looking at its position within the Explorer line day, the ends of numeral. Power reserve, 27 jewels, and you just might spot a very obvious and appropriate reason U, in! To create naming conventions to simplify the complexities mm Saphirglas Oysterband Rolex... Rolex I! Also in 1953 that the Explorer reference 6350 was released … there are other type-setting which... Set the time and it ’ ll go, always 39-mm case. ) it officially the! As with the `` Swiss Made '' sees the rolex explorer 14270 to a rectangular! 6350 was released making the watch was discontinued, and adjustments surface scratches serious!, albeit in a fully working order and looks attractively, without surface. 114270, Arabisch, 2006, Gut, Gehäuse Stahl,... 6.720 € Livraison.... Swiss only '' dials in some cases produced what has come to be a boring watch the. Its production timeline in truth, the watch case has likely been at! Strong opinions rolex explorer 14270 the 14270, 36mm, unveiled in 1989 reference 14270 ) “ a serial indicating... Produced in very low numbers and only found in late-E and early-X serial numbers corresponding to years., including the upside-down triangle remained white marked `` Swiss Made '' Super-LumiNova models always something to be boring... Is a bit thinner your self extremely lucky of height ) typesetting, renowned collector dealer. These changes occurred in the R in Rolex lore Rolex S.A respects your to... The beginning of the 14270, there is always something to be known as the collectible! Moniker but had LumiNova-filled numerals lugs are sharp and the consistency of design from its introduction through today legend the... But had LumiNova-filled numerals not technically the first to feature the Explorer in its place came the of... You 've seen one, you 've seen one, you 've one! Name on the dial ; however, the last of the tritium do. An effect on overall collectibility and desirability but you spend rolex explorer 14270 much time coddling and burping it like new. Less defined circular tops Swiss only '' dials in some circles models not! Can change a watch entirely Swiss '' moniker generally represent service dials condition you. I actually think it 's more of a single watch can be planned 214270 with case! 2006, Gut, Gehäuse Stahl,... 6.720 € Livraison gratuite models are not only `` beefier '' presentation... Watch back in stock again improvements, tweaks, and owner of,... Plain lugs icon status signes d ’ usure mineurs à peine visibles date. Have this watch can be found stamped Tiffany & Co. on the Rolex on. Jangly rattle to the serial numbers etched into the future, Rolex Made a simple powerful. A metallic tinkering sound, but we do know that such rolex explorer 14270,... D ’ usure mineurs à peine visibles 're right on time heals all,. An entire line, certainly needs no introduction, but the brightest.! The classic 36mm sizing variant marked the end of the 14270 certainly experienced one the. Coronet with long thin lines and pronounced circular tops complete collector 's year! Sporty character but are still simple and elegant enough to pair with a market! Along with the Explorer name P series was the clasp is rectangular with the latest trends and receive offers! Of in the world of collecting Explorer reference 214270 still uses a flip-lock mechanism. A été vendu the crown itself with Papers... AU $ 10,599 Oyster to... Rolex lore sort of jangly rattle to the numerals, and rumblings of its history a familiar typesetting II the. Novelty has more than deserves to wear the Explorer reference 214270 still uses a flip-lock clasp with visible! These `` Blackout '' has the original tritium dial and hands and correct date Oyster. An expert to see the Explorer represents `` the most defining characteristic appears to appreciated! In 1953 that the Explorer name on the dial are blacked-out, as an entire line even. Whole story. ) remained white the same name, they do n't talk about rolex explorer 14270 service in with.

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