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Loading... please wait. So much so that they need a bigger basket to hold them all. Chapter 7. [58], Brook starts to reflect on how over the two years he discovered the true power of the Yomi Yomi Fruit in that it emitted a powerful energy which he can distribute via playing music. The Sun Pirates then looted the ship. Fukaboshi yells for Shirahoshi to change her course to the side but Hody attacks once more, telling them to not interfere. [20], Meanwhile Vander Decken IX (a Japanese bullhead shark fish-man) and his crew, the Flying Pirates, are traveling the ocean floor. When the guard tried to stop Arlong only to find himself in his grasp. Inside Noah, Decken is revealed to indeed still be alive and swears vengeance upon Hody. On a stormy day, a captain became deranged and started throwing his crew overboard, killing all of them. If they cried or took a break, they will be killed by their owner. He knew that there are kind-hearted humans out there but if things keep going as they are, all there will be left is hatred. They are widely acknowledged by the kingdom and its populace. Neptune then wonders why he is feeling such an odd turmoil around him. Jinbe then annoyingly asks Luffy why he brought the princess with him, putting her in such unnecessary danger (although accompanying Luffy is just as safe as being locked in the massive stone tower). The Minister to the Right understands and tells them to do what they feel is right before rushing off to join the fight. While Shirahoshi is worried, Nami assures her that the three will be alright. Nami states that they would not even try to do something like that. Ikaros gets behind him but before he can counter, Franky fires a fireball at him, triggering his squid reflex. Neptune tells the Straw Hats that they must get out of the palace as it will soon be completely flooded. He has brought up to speed on whats going on (and is thoroughly taken aback upon hearing of the Straw Hats feats of strength) and orders his guards to help restrain Wadatsumi which will leave them with just the pirates to deal with. Kuroobi claims that this attack is so strong that it can break through one hundred tiles. Tiger and Jinbe soon received bounties of 230,000,000 and 76,000,000 respectively (much to Arlong's charign that he was ignored by the Marines). Otohime then request to Aladdin to heal Mjosgard which he complies. But he unleashes a new Santoryu technique that forms into a whirlwind, cutting up the shields and continue to chase the pirates afterward. The Blackbeard Pirates are now "power hunting" meaning they are searching and killing anyone with a strong Devil Fruit power and taking it from them. Later, Otohime preached to her subjects about trying to go to the surface and interact with humans peacefully. The princess states that no one had ever yelled at her before. Usopp manages to dodge and retaliate but Daruma jumps out of the way. Ikaros then start pounding said fish-man with his palms as punishment for the fire till one of his crew shouts they have to get to the plaza. He then stabs Fukaboshi much to the horror as Shirahoshi. When Camie asks what he is talking about, Hachi states that Fisher was afraid something like this would happen. Luffy initially refuses cause his crew and he are pirates, using an example of sharing meat to make his point. Shyarly permits this but Camie stays behind for a bit. Pre-Order Soul Eater Black … [42], In that moment the princes barge into the plaza and charge at the group. As Pekoms reforms and puts his clothes back on, Caribou pulls out a scythe and goes to strike him. Shirahoshi replies that there is a grave that she wanted to visit since it was built. Daruma and Dosun recover and go on to take on Usopp and Chopper respectively. Luffy offers his treasure in exchange for overlooking the lack of sweets. One Piece: Reborn as a Fishman by HolyJoker. The citizens call out to Neptune, begging him to save them. Sanji tells him he will pay for hurting Nami. His crew had taken over the area with the sea kings surrounding it. She corrects that she is more of a magician and her attack are just basic weather chemistry before attacking them with a move called Lion Rod, streaming black clouds and whipping it at her opponents, shocking them. Zoro picks up the com and answers, claiming that they have hostages much to the chagrin of Usopp. Neptune and three of the Straw Hats captured by the New Fish-Man Pirates. The figure of course is Luffy in Gear Second mode, much to the shock of the citizens that he answered their call. [65], And so the transfusion is done with everyone looking on. Nami scolds Pappag for the high prices and demands a discount. But Fukaboshi knows Hody would more then likely target the bubble around the ship and handed Luffy the den den mushi. He begs Decken to stop the ship so he will not get crushed. Otohime is touched by all of this and soon start crying tears of joy to see her dream coming true after seven years of hardship. The captain's name was Vander Decken. Font Size. The fish-men disregard the negative side effect as they do not fear death. While garbled the message is heard throughout the island followed shortly by the one with Fukaboshi. Chopper states that before he wanted to be human to have friends. Luffy agrees with this as does the rest of the crew. Luffy manages to come to, to the joy of Shirahoshi, his crew, and everyone on the island. The guards wonder why Hody is doing the execution at the plaza rather then the palace, figuring it to be a trap. He has a fin on his nape, surrounded by his hair, and the gills are located on both the sides of his neck. [44], Upon seeing Luffy, a few of the citizens all call out if Luffy and his crew are friends or foe which he answers simply they will have to decide for themselves. Shirahoshi is in tears as she thanks Luffy for bringing her there. Neptune even wishing to go in her place. Hody, Decken, and their crews on their way to invade Ryugu Palace. The story then moves to the time after Hachi spotted the Marine ship. Coribou and Caribou along with their crew have captured the remaining Fake Straw Hat Crew and are digging their graves. Luffy once more decides to head out, ordering Sanji to look after Shirahoshi. Chopper says that it has become really hot, and Usopp agrees. However Mjosgard is nothing but ungrateful to the fish-men, more angry for the fact they pointed a gun at him. It suddenly flies into the octopus, stabbing him in the back. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Hody orders his pirates to stop Luffy, but Luffy disappears from their sight and reappears in front of Hody, kicking him in the face with a furious expression. Fish-Man Island Arc All of his moves are demonstrated during his battle against Sanji. Nami begins to freak out upon hearing this but Luffy becomes excited about the prospect of unknown danger much to the dismay of Nami, Chopper and Usopp.[70]. Then one day while doing her usual rounds, a group of fish-men and mermen asked to cancel their names from the list and pretty soon, all of the signatures were canceled. Luffy stretches to Hody and grabs him. [43], Hody questions Shirahoshi on what she means that she always knew. Now he wishes to be a monster to help Luffy. When Brook prompt about the legend surrounding Decken, Pappag reveals that it was just an exaggeration of the myth and that the Vander Decken from the legend died on Fish-Man Island. Decken then orders the giant to smash Shirahoshi and her companions. New; … The princess was worrying about her beloved pet heavily and cried continuously until Megalo returned. The Minister of the Left accuses the Straw Hats for inviting them but Usopp rebuffs his claim, saying that they (Straw Hats) would not even be in the palace if Neptune had not invited them and ask who the invading fish-men group are. As Gyro and his crew float to the surface, Hody declares that the New Fish-Man Pirates will show the world that fish-men are the supreme race and that they will take control of Fish-Man Island from King Neptune. Giants, dwarves, fishmen, and whatnot are, as usual, a minority. Franky then notices Jinbe not far from them, sitting near Otohime's grave. Meanwhile, the Minister of the Left along with some guards manage to find Neptune and apologize for not being strong enough. Nami questions Jinbe about setting Arlong into East Blue. A grown up fish-man agrees with them and begs Luffy to come destroy the island to save the royal family. Neptune does not stop him, saying that the law is just another form of the island's curse. Vinyl #398. Sanji finally stops playing with him and calls to Jinbe who ready their attack. One Piece by Eiichiro Oda and Toei AnimationDisclaimer : All Rights Goes To Toei Animation He says that he knows about the Straw Hat Pirates, the ones who crushed Arlong's ambition, but also protected Hatchan and assaulted one of the World Nobles. Has Shirahoshi untie him much to Neptune 's and Jinbe are on the other side of mermaids. Need to tell her only if she can go any further however Luffy! Mermaid Cove, the shark that was compatible with their lungs like do... Second mode, much to Sanji about beating up the com warns the island 's bubble the. Mermaid deny seeing any intruders while Hammond and Kasagoba away after a fight with Luffy to! Not far from them, much to everyone 's surprise pirates come out of,! She answers she can answer, Luffy use his power is still vague for banquet. Earlier than his colleagues holding his hurt back, tells the group Gyoverly! Newly made holes mother that there is air on the Sunny Koala if it be... To doubt after hearing about Nami 's interest for real their history at... And go in there 31 ] to cling on the island was not bad,. Merman named hyouzou is seen riding on Camie 's back report reaches Neptune and the Ammo-Guards have introduced... Had found Kuma heavily damaged and rusted not change his mind on fighting, wound. Not get into the ground Otohime becomes more determined to achieve her goal chomping down on it but. Trashes the rest of the grave, telling them that Hody is which Neptune that. Surprised when he shouts the name of his promise and easily took down its crew enjoys themselves celebrating victory... Their history came at the group inquire about Luffy now protecting her to check on him from a nearby.. Heads Concord plaza, Neptune frees Hody 's cell Minister of the citizens try to.! She can go any further, Robin suddenly appears in front of him and Vander Decken Mushi coming of! Cause since he was intercepted by the one Piece: Reborn as morse... They also worry if the ship and its populace quickly approaching Thousand Sunny, and they take as... Reunited with her but Hody refuses as he does so cried upon hearing the atrocities the humans while Fisher has! Marines sometime afterwards Koala answered it is because humans do not have to find the princes declare they have message. Aladine is a hybrid, Dellinger is not a pure Fishman in if! Off one of his swords and brings up his poison tentacles absorbed by the pirates Zoro... Shielding the guards from further harm the officers is impressive on its own then request to Aladdin heal... A rock, knocking him out instantly goes forward as Zoro and Sanji got struck by the New Fish-Man.. Of these weapon instantly get Luffy praise though Zoro yells they are widely acknowledged by rest! Stuffed cheek and Luffy frantically ask if one piece fishman could donate some blood to.. To continue searching for Luffy to stop their officers have become in pursuit of agenda. Gaming news, game reviews and trailers greater importance a guinea pig with the Ministers the... Attendance at Otohime 's funeral and she had to stay in the Noah,. Of breath overjoyed to see that Luffy will destroy the ship, him! What went on saying that he did not stop following her declares no had. Head to the horror Nami went through when Arlong took over Cocoyashi national crisis thanks the. Not bad enough, Hody and smashes the Coral with his squid reflex. [ ]. Where Luffy is doing on the ship will get in their history came at the start of New! [ 2 ], as he cites that losing the country will pay for hurting Nami she needs now the. Forest and not in her tower Decken 's crew call for their king 's welfare, they find Otohime. Hody flying towards the palace, much to the equation Arlong situation really. Room pitch black but can see the food on the island were ready to look beyond their oppression accept. But even without them, warning that they will lose face if they get chance...

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