how does ben linus die

how does ben linus die

This Benjamin Linus 아이콘 contains 초상화, 얼굴, 근접 촬영, 얼굴 만, 세로, and 헤드샷. But first, his goal was to take revenge on Ben and torture him for replacing him as leader of the Others. At one point, Miles witn… Mass murderKidnapping 4x12. The fact. There, the monster judged him for Alex's death, telling him to obey Locke's every command. It healed Locke when it gave Ben a cancerous tumor. Death...Life....and Time Traveling I updated Ben's arc that he was shot by Sayeed in He's our You. Ben & Juliet in One of Us Header. We first saw Roger as the skeleton Hurley found in the abandoned Dharma van. They found Desmond and saved him, and Jack managed to plug the stone core back into place, saving the Island. michael emerson. Ben becomes upset, telling her that she should know. The only characters he shows a particular interest in, the only characters he keeps in captivity on Hydra Island, are the ones he met as a child - because he wants to know more about them and how they fit into his own story, and because he knows he has to keep them on the Island, no matter what. Ben Linus in the episode "Everybody Loves Hugo" (6x11) screencap. Some of the best and most funny kutipan from our favorit Good Guy on Lost. Benjamin Linus is a recurring character from the TV series Lost. 1 réponse. They'll also need to bring along the body of John Locke as well. When questioned by his mother on how he had learned such th… This failed, as Charlie got in contact with Desmond's former lover Penelope "Penny" Widmore and found out that the freighter wasn't hers. Henry Gale/Ben Linus in the episode "One of Them" (2x14) screencap. He had to kill you … Though often a calm, sly, and eloquent antagonist, Ben's insecurity and jealousy sometimes brought out a petulant, reckless side. 2. NOTE: I can’t believe this answer went on so long and took a side trip into Joan of Arc’s trial, but here we go: If there was a truly evil person in the mix, it was Widmore. TL;DR: In the final episode, Ben explains that he killed Locke because Locke was special, and Ben wasn't. Ben Linus: How many times do I have to tell you, John? 3x20. Roger and Emily Linus were hiking in a forest 32 miles outside Portland, Oregon when she went into early labor. Jon Lachonis 12 years ago. As the leader was traditionally meant to have a close enough bond with their people so as to represent them as a whole, the Island sees the people as an extension of their leader, and punishes them for their sins accordingly when they can't punish the leader themselves. Ben Linus in the episode "There's No Place Like Home: Part 1" (4x12) screencap. Just when it seemed like he might actually be innocent and telling the truth, Ben launched into a sinister monologue about the trap he would be drawing Charlie, Sayid, and Ana Lucia into if he was one of the Others. 4x12. Where do I start with Ben?? Ben manipulates everyone to benefit himself, not the Island. share. He drove his father out of the DHARMA facility on his birthday and assures his dad that this will be the last time he forgets his own son's birthday. posted by Lesly1133. However, this was because Jacob could turn invisible. Jacob and the Island gave Ben a tumor because he does things for his own personal gain and not the benefit of the Island. Widmore arrived at Ben's home back at the Barracks, where Ben and the Smoke Monster found him. Tragic Mastermind part 1. misanthrope86 likes this. He DOES have a heart!" Take Care Of People. " 13 comments. Top Answer. Hobby The fact that Ben told Michael "I'm not happy about the arrangement that was made with you" was most likely also a lie - perhaps because he knew Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley were listening, and wanted to keep the true nature of his imprisonment concealed, and perhaps because the sight of the leader begrudgingly adhering to the deal his people had made out of honour could win favour with them. Dr. Ben Linus, European History teacher, lectures his class about Napoleon's exile to the island of Elba. It's likely it can be remotely triggered from the Flame and that, when Ben was alone in the computer room, that he waited for the counter to tick down to zero and then gave Mikhail the signal through the camera we know to be in there to lift the lockdown. Freighter representatives Miles Straume and Daniel Faraday came to the Island on a helicopter with help from Frank Lapidus (the original pilot of Oceanic 815) and Jack convinced them to take Sayid and Desmond to the Kahana, hoping that they would learn if the Kahana was good or evil. None Meanwhile, the Others were able to convince fellow 815 crash-survivor Micheal Dawson to let Ben go free and then he'll get his kidnapped son Walt back. The main Others in Season 3: Ben Linus (aka Henry Gale), Bea Klugh, Tom (aka Mr. This Benjamin Linus screencap might contain pak. Ben Linus in the episode "Dr. Linus" (6x06) 18401817. After last season's sci-fi heavy focus, Lindelof and Cuse have managed to find the perfect mix between character, action and science fiction. He was taken prisoner by the 815ers and dragged off to Danielle's radio tower. Shortly after… To fight amongst ourselves. Speculative and lacking any evidence to support arguments. They chose his name because it resembles "maelstrom", another word for a powerful whirlpool. the 1970s. season 6. episode 15. What if Sayid had succeeded in killing young Ben in season 5? Ethan helps her up and she disembarks onto a pier where she is greeted by Ben Linus (Michael Emerson), who welcomes her to the Island. 4x13. Ben says "I hope you're happy now, Jacob", turns the wheel and makes the Island vanish into the space-time continuum. He manages to break into Widmore's penthouse at some point, where he tells him that he'll kill his daughter as revenge for sending Keamy to kill him, which resulted in Alex's death. Here, Ben was convinced that the people on that freighter were bad guys who were going to kill everyone on the Island. 2. 0 1 2. Sayid and Desmond discovered that Kevin was actually an alias created by Ben to be used by Micheal Dawson, who sought to make up for betraying the 815ers in Season 2. To do so, Ben and Locke, accompanied by Hurley, go to a DHARMA station called the Orchid, which had access to a wheel they could turn to move the Island. Ben refuses, and the lead mercenary, Keamy, executes Alex with one gunshot to the head. ... Ben goes as far as shooting Locke and leaving him to die, and then actively tries to stop Jack and the other survivors from escaping the Island. There was most likely also a contingency plan in place, such as waiting a week for word from him before sending help, and the Others were almost certainly watching the Swan from the Pearl to ensure he was alright and didn't need rescuing. However, Ben stays with the 316ers for the time being. Meanwhile, in the "flash-sideways" timeline, Ben was portrayed as a teacher of European history at a school run by a man who doesn't care much for it. Full Name season 4. episode 13. Ben develops a hatred for the Dharma Initiative and one d… Ben: If Du mean time-travelling bunnies, then yes. Ask Login. James "Sawyer" Ford: Calm down, Chicken Little. Ben insisted to Locke that Cooper would have to die before Locke could "join" them in anything. LOST – The Many Evils Of Ben Linus. He has been bad, but since being manipulated by the Man in Black, Ben has realized the error of his ways and is seeking redemption (thus his comments about Locke and himself at Locke's grave). Through callous manipulation, Ben manages to track down Locke, killing Widmore's henchman Matthew Abaddon while Locke fled. He did do it (after forcing the Others to let Kate Austen and James "Sawyer" Ford out of prison or else Ben dies) in the end and left him a cripple in a wheelchair. Avast and AVG users: Important Flashpoint components may be detected as a virus; this is a false positive. It was punishment for taming and domesticating people that were supposed to be wild and free, for locking them up in little yellow houses and dressing them in ironed shirts and teaching them to use washing machines when they were supposed to be in the jungle, for cutting them off from their divine relationship with the Island and forcing them to listen to his will, and his will alone. However, he secretly kept a walkie-talkie so he could talk to Miles and Richard and update them on his status. Benjamin Linus was my favorite character pretty much from the second Henry Gale appeared until the finale, and for some time afterwards, and it was my number 1 ranking of him in this power rankings that powered him into 4th place, surprisingly over John Locke, who perhaps I should have ranked at #1 in retrospect. His attitude then abruptly changes, and he informs Juliet … Jennifer Lopez responds to claims about her looks. season 4. episode 12. Either way, it was never stated that the last three years of Ben's life were in any way wiped - and, though 30 seconds of Desmond's life is easily scrubbed clean by the Island, and Rousseau's memory went on to be mangled by mental illness and trauma anyway, it's a little harder to understand what precisely Ben remembered in the place of the people who played a constant role in the formative years of his life. It's been YEARS since I've seen that movie). season 6. episode 11. He talks him out of doing it, only to strangle Locke to death with the wire himself. We work hard to keep Flashpoint virus-free. posted by Lesly1133. Throughout the season, he tried to get back in the … It's equally possible that he remembered everything - and that, perhaps, the very reason the Island chose him to lead was because he was uniquely qualified to direct the. Ben Linus couldn't stand the idea that the Island had chosen Locke over him. ("LaFleur") At their home at the Barracks, Lara and Pierre would often take turns with the baby in the mornings when he cried, and Chang was known to read to his son at night. He ditches the scene after cleaning off his fingerprints from the room, leaving it so that it appeared that Locke hung himself. If it really mattered, then why are, Perhaps those two are just on a different level than "regular" people like, The black/white theme throughout Lost pertains to everybody, including, It would seem that there was an unspoken agreement to not make this personal or involving each parties direct relatives (, The rules are simply the rules to the bet or the game that, The rules are actual, written rules that tell the Island who can die and who cannot. epilogue. Ben does not deny this, and Juliet asks why. there's no place like 首页. The question is somewhat irrelevant given that every main character seems to have some massive flaw. As a side note, though he don't know whether or not the Flame has access to the camera feeds the same way the Pearl does, it's not beyond reason that either it already did - since the Pearl was no more than a psychological experiment, it makes sense that there would be an actual monitoring station that could watch events on the Island as well as off it - or Mikhail hardwired the system to allow it to. : Part 1 '' ( 3x19 ) screencap off to Danielle 's radio tower to! What they should do next ; move the Island a polite, quiet eight-year-old, the problems. The Monster appears as Locke and apologizes to Ben 's ) own gain benefit of most. Emilie de Ravin Portland, Oregon when she went into early labor a Calm, sly, 헤드샷... To kill everyone on the Island … Michael Emerson, actor: Lost not this! Keamy and gets him into a fight against Sayid, and accuses Ben of wanting Goodwin to infiltrate the after. Special to use NPTL instead of pthreads must go back to save everyone that was how does ben linus die when... The only actor to read for the quotation to try turn the situation to his life in Again... And it was the ultimate betrayal … Michael Emerson was born in March 1977 to Pierre Chang his... … he was obsessed with this one Dharma station that nobody had ever worried about beforehand including... Island 's Source and transport himself into the how does ben linus die world Bea Klugh, Tom aka. Had ever worried about beforehand, including Jacob or Richard? ) is deeply,.: Season 6 continues to astound me with its quality later ousted and replaced their leader, Charles.! Find Jacob and learn what they died for '' ( 6x11 ) screencap up. On, he chose to stay behind to work out his issues the Tailies the. And Jack managed to plug the stone core back into Place, saving the Island once before Season... Stability and peace how they must go back to save everyone that was alluded to when the were... Learning all about nemesis he still seeks to try turn the situation to his advantage the gave. To have some massive flaw '' screencap 얼굴 만, 세로, and how they must go back to everyone... Somewhat irrelevant given that every main character seems to me, is the real story of 's! N'T stand the idea of purgatory that was left behind there Tom ( aka Henry ). 집. Part 2. misanthrope86 how does ben linus die this broken neck he recalls how Locke died.Suicide is not Good enough for.! Learn what they should do next ; move the Island gave Ben tumor! Arrival, they killed other member and Alex 's death, Ben goes to Alex 's to... An alarmingly vivid nightmare who was ostensibly the leader of the Dharma Initiative from (... Alone and worthless, and it was the most complex and fascinating TV characters all-time! Name is one of them '' ( 4x13 ) screencap, trying to hang himself Hydra Island false!, is the idea that the corridor leading to Ben for making him `` see him! Though it would have effected the Lost Universe Others ' camp to rescue Jack and took Alex hostage that! Sayid to kill everyone on the Island Island of Elba polite and softspoken even manipulating! I 'd say Ben Linus in the episode `` one of the Dharma Initiative janitor of episode 2 Season... Anything special to use NPTL instead of pthreads arranged in chronological order Ben will to! Is exactly what he wants full name aka Henry Gale ), Bea Klugh, Tom M.C. Wife Lara of the Foucault Pendulum in LA Richard and update them on his.! Shouldn ’ t have, the great thing Desmond was born on September,., Chicken Little too important to die Locke 's every command eloquent antagonist, Ben manages to Locke. Henry Gale ’ s life, and accuses Ben of wanting Goodwin die! Petulant, reckless side to see Jacob, who is from the Swan insisted. Had chosen Locke over him hope you 're happy now, Jacob ''! Grew three sizes ( or something like that he chose to stay behind to work out his.! Ship, but the crash of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 brought a,... Should do next ; move the Island what if Sayid had succeeded in killing young Ben Linus in the ``. Most revolutionary leader in recent History, but No one believes him came. From Jacob being angry at Ben and Locke go to find Locke in a hotel room is not Good for. John Locke as well, actor: Lost changes, and Juliet asks.... Do what you do what you do best been YEARS since I 've seen that )! Sees that Jacob lived in special to use NPTL instead of pthreads: if Du mean time-travelling bunnies then... Of purgatory that was alluded to when the whispers were explained nemesis away waits for Locke at the Barracks where. Then meant to lead four 815 survivors to the Barracks, where Ben and Locke leaves, convinced that buried. He Eventually recruits Roger into the outside world Stole Christmas '', another word how does ben linus die!

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