raffles hall nus

raffles hall nus

It is just a stone throw away way from the main examination halls and a 7-11, something most other halls can’t boast about (except RVRC). Raffles Hall Established in 1958, Raffles Hall (RH) has a rich heritage supported by strong alumni relations and a traditional culture of excellence cultivated by its residents. And although “Raffles” is a common name for many institutions and organisations in Singapore, Raffles Hall is in no way affiliated to them. Highlights. Here’s a full list for new and prospective undergraduates: Halls of Residence. At that time, Raffles Hall was an all-boys hall. Video highlights of vibrant hall activities at Raffles Hall, NUS. What is the difference between Halls and Residential Colleges? Discover maps, directions, photos, reviews and what is nearby like MRTs, LRTs and Shopping Centres within 2km. Raffles Hall. RECENT POSTS. Raffles Hall. Visit https://www.facebook.com/RafflesHall for official Facebook page Catch the live Q&A on Instagram @MyNUSSU, 5 March 2020, 5:30pm - … Raffles Hall. The level of commitment depends on your personal interest! The SuRHge is brought to you by Raffles Hall Phoenix Press for insights on hall life in RH. 1. Due to the kampung-like structure of RH blocks, there is a very strong community spirit among RHesidents. All residents must comply with and observe all the Hall Rules. Email Sports Camp Finale Night 2019. RHesidents are welcomed to try new CCAs in RH, such as picking up a new sport or learning a new skill. A police report has been made about the incident at Raffles Hall and the suspect has been apprehended by the police for further investigations, said an NUS spokesman. Phone 6516 2078 (Telephone) 6773 0589 (Facsimile) Email rfhlst@nus.edu.sg 6516  2078 (Telephone) 1,903 Followers, 1,478 Following, 129 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from NUS Raffles Hall (@raffles_hall) Sports CCAs are only intensive in Sem1 as IHG starts at the beginning of Sem2. RH also offers single rooms within the Kuok Foundation House. THE SU RH GE. RH also has two bus stops which offer easy access to all other faculties via the free NUS shuttle bus service. Press alt + / to open this menu. NUS hostels fees are reviewed and adjusted periodically to reflect the cost of providing housing to students. Meet FASS students Syed and Shan as they share seven reasons why staying in Hall is the best decision they ever made. On two occasions in March last year, Joel went to … We have a wide variety of mentoring programmes, wellness & support care programmes, hall-life programmes & education, symposiums and talks with prominent alumni. While it may seem a lot, this number is actually very manageable, as unlike in JC or Polytechnic where CCAs are year-long, hall CCAs have go by periods, eg. Raffles Hall was also modelled after the colleges at Oxford and Cambridge, and hence many of their traditions trickled down to us. Raffles Hall 19 Kent Ridge Crescent Singapore 119278. Raffles Hall Engagement Camp at Yusof Ishak House 2019. For those opting for single rooms, RH has the largest single room amongst other halls. It is the largest and most centrally located hall within the Kent Ridge Campus. Located at Lower Kent Ridge Road Road in the Buona Vista District. Nestled at a prime central location of NUS, the lush foliages and tree canopies within Raffles Hall creates a resort-living ambience admist unparalleled convenience. Today at 2:51 AM. The biggest difference is that there are no compulsory hall modules required for HONUS while there are compulsory RC modules (4). Today at 2:49 AM. RH offers a strong family culture where everyone cares and looks out for each other, and for many RHesidents it is our home away from home. dancers every year. The association is a group for alumni with ties to NUS' Raffles Hall, a residential hall. RH also has one of the most number of Blast! Court documents state that the NUS undergraduate was staying at student dormitory Raffles Hall when he committed the offences. Public Discourse Truth & Trust webinar. Phone The positions of the Master, Resident Fellows, Junior Common Room Committees (JCRCs) and Senior Common Room Committees (SCRCs) all stemmed from those origins. (PHOTO: Raffles Hall Association Facebook group) When asked by Yahoo News Singapore about the last-minute replacement of the panelists, an NUS Raffles Hall spokesperson said, “The ‘Public Discourse Truth & Trust’ webinar is organised by the Raffles Hall Association, which is an autonomous alumni group that is not governed by Raffles Hall and NUS.” For those opting for double rooms, RH has the greatest number of doubles rooms. Cultural Night 2018 . Raffles Hall has its roots in Raffles College, which was one of the institutes of higher learning that merged to eventually form the National University of Singapore (the other being King Edward VII college). Accessibility Help. ABOUT US. Raffles Hall was originally located in Nassim Road, Bukit Timah, alongside Eusoff College. For HONUS, there are no air-conditioned rooms, all are naturally ventilated. Raffles Hall was the one of the first halls to be established in the National University of Singapore (NUS). Joel Rasis Ismail filmed the victims between March and May 2019 in Raffles Hall, in the toilet of a "females-only" floor that is barred to males. Tour of a single room in Raffles Hall, National University of Singapore (NUS). Firstly, location wise, RH has a central location in NUS and is within a walking distance to the Engineering faculty, Yusof Ishak House, University Sports Centre, University Health Centre, University Cultural Centre, MPSH(where examinations are held) and even University Town. RH is the hall of opportunities! On Tuesday, however, another post appeared on Facebook, featuring a … At that time, Raffles Hall was an all-boys hall. RH has the most number of double rooms on campus. For instance, under cultural CCAs, Sheares Hall has SHBeats, which is a DJ-ing and live electronic music production CCA, while Raffles Hall has RH Rebels, an instrumental ensemble CCA. For those who enjoy a vibrant and exciting hall life, you are welcomed to join more CCAs. Recent Post by Page. Our hall’s musical is entirely original and all our script, songs and dances are composed and … Apart from expanding your social circle, you can also find many helpful seniors within your faculty who are ever ready to offer their tips and advices based on their experiences. NUS student suspected of filming female student at Raffles Hall bathroom arrested New cases of voyeurism in university hostels are being reported despite stepped-up security in … Architecture Camp Finale Night 2019 . The establishment of two new halls there took a toll on Raffles Hall’s residential numbers. Raffles Hall is smack in the centre of NUS, arguably the hall most accessible to everywhere in NUS, but at the same time not really near any faculties other than FASS and Engineering. Eusoff Hall; Kent Ridge Hall; King Edward VII Hall; Raffles Hall; Sheares Hall; Temasek Hall In NUS, there are three types of accommodation: halls of residence, residential colleges, and student residences. ... NUS Inter-Hall Games. Costume Night 2018 Raffles Hall - National University Of Singapore (NUS) is located in Buona Vista, Nearest Kent Ridge MRT (CC24) is 16 mins away. Read More Tour of a double room in Raffles Hall, National University of Singapore (NUS). NUS Global Citizen Conference 2018 Internal Events: Interblock Games Opening Ceremony 2019 . An average RHesident has about 3-4 CCAs. Founded in 1958, Raffles Hall was one of the first halls to be established in the National University of Singapore (NUS). Service 96A operates between Clementi Int and Kent Ridge Cres (NUS Raffles Hall) on weekdays morning. IHG through tough times INTER HALL GAMES THROUGH TOUGH TIMES Every year, the Inter Hall Games (IHG) captures … RH has a welcoming and accepting culture, where you are free to try out new things and you can definitely find many like-minded individuals. rfhlst@nus.edu.sg. The long awaited Raffles Hall Musical Production is finally back! In 1981, NUS shifted from the Bukit Timah campus to the current Kent Ridge campus. OUR HALL, OUR HOME. These are the Hall Rules and the Hall Rules are subject to change and/or amendments. WP politician weighs in on NUS Raffles Hall’s controversy over the ‘un-invite’ of Cherian George and Donald Low “This sort of un-invite has to stop. Singapore—Professor Cherian George, one of the speakers who was abruptly replaced for a webinar titled “Public Discourse Truth & Trust” organized by Raffles Hall … Furthermore, you are able to choose your roommate of the same gender should you wish to room with your friend, or you can have a new roommate and make new friends! All Raffles Hall residents are advised to familiarise themselves with the rules. There is no need of fear for any social pressure to change, as the uniqueness of every RHesident is celebrated. Founded in 1958, Raffles Hall was one of the first halls to be established in the National University of Singapore (NUS). NUS Open Day 2019. Raffles Hall was originally located in Nassim Road, Bukit Timah, alongside Eusoff College. General . Jump to. Our environment allows RHesidents, to discover their passions, what they like/dislike, connect with like-minded individuals, and equip themselves for their future, all while staying true to themselves – they become who they want to be. Raffles Hall is literally across the road from University Cultural Centre (where all concerts are staged) and then, dance practices were held at UCC too. RH offers two types of rooms, single and double. RH also has a strong focus on a holistic education. Consequently, Raffles Hall bade farewell to Nassim Road and moved to the Kent Ridge Campus in 1984. Engineering Camp Finale Night 2018-2019. Raffles Hall added 12 new photos to the album: Blk 5 Introduction (11/08/20). Here in RH, we aim to recognize and nurture all RHesidents to the fullest potential. There are also numerous leadership roles available for RHesidents. Service 96B operates between Clementi Int and C'wealth Ave West (Clementi Stn Exit A) on weekdays evening. Sections of this page. For RCs, there are only single rooms and the cost of staying is higher than HONUS, averaging about $2500 per semester with compulsory meal plans of $900 per semester. So if you manage your time well, you can balance both academics and CCAs very well. Raffles Hall added 10 new photos to the album: Block 2 Introduction (11/08/20). Due to an increase in the number of female students, Raffles Hall officially became co-ed in 1975. The revenues collected from hostel fees are expected to meet the operating cost, in particular the cyclical maintenance and repair cost of our hostels. University Hall - National University Of Singapore (NUS) is a University in Singapore. However, for RCs, some rooms are air-conditioned. RHMP is an annual student initiative where our residents plan and prepare this musical from scratch. Halls of NUS. Hop on our guided 360° Virtual Reality e-Tour! Residents are also subjected to rules and regulations of the NUS Housing Agreement. Click date for more info. 1ST Journal, National University of Singapore and others 3 business are inside University Hall - Nati The new Raffles Hall site was almost twice the size of the old Nassim Road site. Due to our central location, you can find a diverse range of students across all faculties. Firstly, you have to know what options are available for you. Founded in 1958, Raffles Hall was one of the first halls to be established in the National University of Singapore (NUS). The current Blast! classes are at UTown which RH is relatively close to as well. Raffles Hall is one of the halls of residence in the National University of Singapore (NUS). 6773 0589 (Facsimile)

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