porous in a sentence

porous in a sentence

Theca porous; septa compact and reduced in number. Elm is very liable to warp and shake, is porous and usually cross-grained. What does porosity mean? The porous soil absorbs the moisture, and fresh water is scarce. However much compressed by mechanical means it is still a porous mass, and when it is confined as in a gun the flame and hot gases from the portion first ignited permeate the remainder, generally causing it actually to detonate, or to burn so rapidly that its action approaches detonation. A common approach is to place a porous biomaterial scaffold, seeded with cells, in a flow perfusion bioreactor. The subject in a sentence … use "porous" in a sentence Althaus, p. 166 kenney played behind a porous offensive line and holds the franchise record for most times sacked (195). If, however, no porous division be used to prevent the intermingling by diffusion of the anode and cathode solutions, a complicated set of subsidiary reactions takes place. Please Log in … Papers produced from the pulp are highly porous, that is, they allow easy passage of water. So early as 1851 a patent was taken out by Cooke for the production of caustic alkali without the use of a separate current, by immersing iron and copper plates on opposite sides of a porous (biscuit-ware) partition in a suitable cell, containing a solution of the salt to be electrolysed, at 21 0 -65° C. (70 -150° F.). The rest of the litharge was absorbed in the porous cupel, leaving a shining globule of metallic silver about 99.95% pure. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. 0. In order to make spongy or porous rubber, some material is incorporated which will give off gas or vapour at the vulcanizing temperature, - such as carbonate of ammonia, crystallized alum, and finely ground damp sawdust. The technology is the advancement of the Quantum technology based on the magnetic quantum-optical phenomenon in porous silicon, says Atom Chip. Any cracks were thus, no doubt, temporarily closed; and as the structure of the rest of the dam was porous, no opportunity was given for the percolating water to accumulate in the horizontal fissures to anything like the head in the reservoir. 23. In general, soft, porous or severely weathered stone must be treated with a softer, weaker mortar than hard, dense stone. , To keep cool, Amanda likes to wear porous clothing in the summer months. The porous list of example sentences with porous. If a rock is porous to water it means that water or other fluids can be held in the rock, some of those fluids may be retained inside the rock in pore spaces and some will flow out to other areas. Add a comment 10. All Rights Reserved. The advantage of this plough over the ordinary form is in the absence of sliding friction, and in the mellow and porous condition in which it leaves the bottom of the furrow. The reason for this preference lies in the fact that being porous and full of air, they are a good non-conductor. JR: While tires appear solid, they're really sort of porous. These are unfitted for garden purposes until improved by draining, liming, trenching and the addition of porous materials, such as ashes, burnt ballast or sand, but when thoroughly improved they are very fertile and less liable to become exhausted than most other soils. Top Answer. Others were pulled from our literature database. Even the beds of sluggish rivers flowing over porous strata generally become so impermeable that excavations made in their neighbourhood, though freely collecting the subsoil water, receive no FIG. Answer. Dancers like to wear porous clothing because it allows the ready passage of water and air. We tried to list the best first. On account of the small amount of precipitation, the fissured condition of the underlying lava sheets, and the porous soil, the Great Sandy Desert has practically no surface streams even in the wet season, and within its limits no potable waters have been found. Slate pots or tubs, usually square, are sometimes adopted, and are durable and otherwise unobjectionable, only, their sides being less porous, the earth does not dry so rapidly, and some modification of treatment as to watering is necessary. Learn more. The rains are quickly absorbed by the light porous soil and leave only temporary effects on the surface, where arboreal growth is stunted and grasses are commonly thin and harsh. 3. undesirable to have non- porous materials in gardens such as concrete. Porous in a sentence 1. 13,336 of 1894) a rapidly rotating cathode is used in a chloride solution, a porous partition separating the tank into anode and cathode compartments, and the chlorine generated by electrolysis at the anode being recovered. Porous definition: Something that is porous has many small holes in it, which water and air can pass... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Sodium hydroxide has certain advantages compared with chloride, although it is more costly; its fusing-point is only 320° C., and no anode chlorine is produced, so that both containing vessel and anode may be of iron, and no porous partition is necessary. It may also be sprayed over a porous titanium coating where it is used to promote bone ingrowth. ‘They work well on absorbent papers but won't dry on non-porous surfaces.’ ‘But they're also non-porous, easy to care for and highly resistant to stains.’ ‘Tiles are made in porous and non-porous varieties.’ ‘All cultured marble, onyx and granite products have a gel coat finish that provides a non-porous, stain resistant surface.’ The mass of bone increases, but the new bone material that is added is porous, weak, and brittle. 2010-02-25 00:12:57 2010-02-25 00:12:57. 2010-02-25 00:12:57 2010-02-25 00:12:57. While the word porous isn't generally used in medical terminology, -porotic is the medical terminology combining form meaning porous. How do you use porous in a sentence? Where the strata are not uniformly porous, they may resist the passage of water from the direction of the sea or they may assist it; and round the whole coast of England, in the Magnesian limestone to the northeast, in the Chalk and Greensand to the east and south, and in the New Red Sandstone to the west, the number of wells which have been abandoned as sources of potable supply, owing to the percolation of sea water, is very great. 1 editor-approved samples. Following in the furrow of an ordinary plough it breaks through the sub-soil to a depth of several inches, making it porous and penetrable by plant roots. Will is of little importance, complaining is nothing, fame is nothing. Porous in a sentence. All are built in the Doric style, of the local porous stone, which is of a warm red brown colour, full of fossil shells and easily corroded when exposed to the air. The research implies the moons are very porous - similar to moons orbiting just outside Saturn's rings. There is an abundant rainfall, but owing to the porous nature of the soil the water percolates into deep caves which have communication with the sea, and becomes brackish. In any case, it is evident that the transmission of heat by percolation would be much greater in porous soils and in the upper layers of the earth's crust than in the lower strata or in solid rocks. How is the necessity of porous clothing illustrated? Since the small nation had … a, without, and Rropos, passage), a biological term meaning imperforate, or not porous: there is a group of corals called Aporosa. It cannot be put into an autoclave sterilizer without melting, and it is extremely porous. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. 1 2 3. Such fire-proof coverings, and also interior partitions, are composed of hollow, hard-burned terra-cotta blocks, of porous (sawdust) terra cotta, or various plastic compositions applied to metallic lath, many of which are patented both as to material and method of application. adsorption energy in carbon nanotubes is expected to be higher than in porous carbons. The filling between the girders and floor beams consists of segmental arches of brick, segmental or flat arches of porous (sawdust) terra-cotta, or hard-burned hollow terra- - cotta voussoirs, or various patented forms of con crete floors containing ties or supports of steel or iron. Moreover, one of the most attractive features of silk is that it adjusts to body temperature, warming its wearer during colder nights and also remaining porous and airy in warmer climates. plan, known as "sink-hole drainage," by bringing into play the natural drainage furnished by porous strata, is often eminently successful. Thus, while the mineral may be formed in a stratum other than that in which it is found, though in many cases it is indigenous to it, for the formation of a natural reservoir of the fluid (whether liquid or gas) it is necessary that there should be a suitable porous rock to contain it. 例文帳に追加 Bunsen prepared the metal by electrolysing manganese chloride in a porous cell surrounded by a carbon crucible containing hydrochloric acid. To guard against frost damage they are fired to 1160 degrees centigrade yet remain porous allowing roots to breathe and preventing waterlogging. Material of low mass per unit area and high surface porosity will tend not to reflect sound. What does porosity mean? “The interchange between communities and prisons and jails has always been there, but in the context of COVID-19 it’s never been more clear,” said Lauren Brinkley-Rubinstein, a professor of social medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill who studies incarceration and health. Indeed, it is not hard to make such materials porous: the problem comes in controlling the porosity. Her pious attitude caused her to be disliked by many. 4. 3. Add thesaurus 100. porous should be in sentence. Porous quotes from YourDictionary: Make your ego porous. A well-drained subsoil with a porous surface soil suits them best, and shelter from hard frost and nipping winds is of great service. This phenomenon seems to arise from rains which, falling on the chalk hills, sink into the porous soil and reappear after a time from crevices at lower levels. Even then, however, the liquid nature of the substance, though advantageous in one or two directions, constituted a serious obstacle to its safe transport and storage and to its efficient employment; it was therefore not until Nobel produced plastic solid preparations by mixing the liquid with porous substances, such as gunpowder, or carbon and sulphur, and finally kieselguhr in a fine state of division, capable of absorbing and retaining considerable quantities of it, that it could be employed as a blasting agent (see Explosives, Dyna Mite, Cordite). How to use porous in a sentence. treat porous surfaces such as wood and concrete particularly carefully. The brine solidifies to become hydrogel, a highly porous solid substance. , Until the team can fix its porous defense, it will continue to lose by thirty or more points each game. ly adv. Wiki User Answered . Methods of available for continuously feed oil to porous bearing using force feeding or using very simple wick feeds. Others can cause damage to porous materials such as concrete, brick or wood. Porous sentence examples. porous meaning: 1. Lv 4. Use "porous" in a sentence Althaus, p. 166 kenney played behind a porous offensive line and holds the franchise record for most times sacked (195). Close to Porous. 5. Under remains of the Roman city appeared a triglyphon of porous stone with an extent from N. " This is as we should expect, since the movements of ground air are much greater in loose porous soils than in stiff clay soils.". Asked by Wiki User. The Fuller bichromate battery consists of an outer jar containing a solution of bichromate of potash and sulphuric acid, in which a plate of hard carbon is immersed; in the jar there is also a porous pot containing dilute sulphuric acid and a small quantity (2 oz.) These occluded gases are all liberated when the copper cools, and so give rise to porous castings, unless special precautions are taken. Another word for porous. In the first place, soil, to be of any use, must be sufficiently loose and porous to allow the roots of plants to grow and extend freely. p. 857) for their production in cells with porous diaphragms, and by F. The whole is surrounded by a deep and wide ditch, which can be filled from the river, at the risk, however, of bringing down the whole structure, for the walls are of mud, and stand upon a porous sandy soil. Similarly it is necessary, in view of the hydrostatical relations of water and mineral oils, and the volatile character of the latter, that the porous stratum should be protected from water and air by an overlying shale or other impervious deposit. The local limestone is very porous. 34. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Pore. Pronounce word 150. During allergy season, Cara is prone to having a couple of asthma attacks each day. porous in a sentence - Use "porous" in a sentence 1. a cleaner that should not be used on porous surfaces Recent Examples on the Web Ethiopia is also fighting an insurgency … Except in the marshy regions and along the rivers, the soil is dry, porous and sandy. 2. These materials can be run through an autoclave sterilizer and are not porous, which means that they do not harbor bacteria and can be worn in a fresh piercing or for extended periods of time. Porous in Sentence. Indeed, it is not hard to make such materials porous: the problem comes in controlling the porosity. Learn to win at any game with our many tools and word lists. The wood is heavy, strong and hard; white to light reddish-brown in colour; and durable if kept either dry or wet; is porous and works easily; it weighs about 40 to 48 lb per cub. Wiki User Answered . This unique, non porous material can be poured, shaped and molded into any shape, complete with integral sinks and backsplashes. It had long been known that under certain conditions large quantities of nitrate (saltpetre) are formed on exposed heaps of manure, &c., and it was supposed that direct oxidation of the ammonia, facilitated by the presence of porous bodies, brought this to pass. Examples of porous in a sentence Add a sentence Cancel. 242+2 sentence examples: 1. After being heat-cured, the tiles retain their natural color and are porous, which means that they have the ability to absorb water.To make them non-porous, they need to have a sealant or glaze applied to them. It occupies a narrow strip of land beside the sea, from which it climbs up the steep heights inland to the citadel of Naryn-kaleh, and is on all sides except towards the east surrounded by walls built of porous limestone. 高分子多孔質膜、血液浄化器および高分子多孔質膜の製造方法 - 特許庁 Cancellous bone, whose porous structure with small cavities resembles sponge, predominates in the pelvis and the 33 vertebrae from the neck to the tailbone. The liquid when soaked into a porous combustible substance like blotting-paper burns rapidly and quietly, and when struck with a hammer on a hard surface violently detonates; when a little of the liquid is spread on an anvil and struck, the portion immediately under the hammer only will, as a rule, detonate, the remainder being scattered. Find another word for porous. Reed may look like a wood, but it is actually a special porous fiber that will slowly absorb and release your fragrance. Er, make that the previously winless, previously porousPistons. Related to Porous. His heart, he felt, was a porous vessel. The Sea-beach at Ebb-tide Augusta Foote Arnold But meteor detectors are built to look for solid chunks of metal and rock—not thin, porous bits of cloth. It might indeed have been thought that thorough drainage would be unnecessary, but it must be noted that porous subsoils or efficient drains do not act merely by carrying away stagnant water which would otherwise cool the earth, incrust the surface, and retard plant growth. 0. The skin was isolated from the blades by a micro porous screen. Top Answer. If a rock is porous to water it means that water or other fluids can be held in the rock, some of those fluids may be retained inside the rock in pore spaces and some will flow out to other areas. 1 Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences. Water, often saline or sulphurous, is also found in these porous rocks and replaces the oil as the latter is withdrawn. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. porosity. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. Porous soils and a large supply of water may have beds of 40 ft. 2. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Porous but also gives extensive definition in English language. The ancient city walls are in some points still existing, in others they have been much restored; they are built of rectangular blocks of porous limestone about IL ft. As a rule it makes rather barren land; it is highly porous, and the rain rapidly sinks into it. 2. 4 synonyms of porous from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 2 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Its depth, together with its porous nature, makes the fertile soil of Iowa capable of withstanding the extremes of wet and dry remarkably well, and it is perhaps true that, taken as a whole, no other state in the Union has a superior soil for agriculture. Vinyl isn't very porous, though, so it will be easy to handle it on your own with just the soap and water. When it is considered that a parting of the clay, sufficient to allow the thinnest film of water to pass, may start the formation of a vein of porous sand in the manner above explained, it will be readily seen how great must be the attention to details, in unpleasant places below ground, and below the water level of the surrounding area, if safety is to be secured. Untreated or naked leathers are porous; avoid contact with oils, water, or other substances that will result in staining. Find more ways to say pervious, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. In the Arroostook valley, however, is the largest undivided area of good arable land in all New England, the soil being a deep, porous, yellow loam well adapted to the growth of cereals and to market gardening. Sodium hydroxide has certain advantages compared with chloride, although it is more costly; its fusing-point is only 320° C., and no anode chlorine is produced, so that both containing vessel and anode may be of iron, and no porous partition is necessary. 0. 99 examples: X-ray streak camera is used for evaluation of the speed of energy transfer… Details regarding previous work on the processing, properties and characterisation of porous titanium for bio-medical applications can be accessed by clicking here. More Synonyms of porous This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Learn more.. If you are wearing a porous material such as acrylic or plastic, bring appropriate jewelry made out of glass, stainless steel, titanium, niobium or PTFE to your doctor's appointment. Their pass defense was porousagainst the Rams and oftentimes embarrassing. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Sentence Examples for porous. Examples of Prone in a sentence Jack is prone to be quite talkative after he has consumed several beers. porosity example sentences. Carbonado or " black diamond," found in Bahia (also recently in Minas Geraes), is a black material with a minutely crystalline structure somewhat porous, opaque, resembling charcoal in appearance, devoid of cleavage, rather harder than diamond, but of less specific gravity; it sometimes displays a rude cubic crystalline form. 0. In some cases porous diaphragms have been employed; but such diaphragms introduce a new complication, for the liquid as a whole is pushed through them by the action of the current, the phenomenon being known as electric endosmose. They come from many sources and are not checked. From these and other considerations it is obvious that (I) the electrolyte must be such as will freely dissolve the metal to be refined; (2) the electrolyte must be able to dissolve the major portion of the anode, otherwise the mass of insoluble matter on the outer layer will prevent access of electrolyte to the core, which will thus escape refining; (3) the electrolyte should, if possible, be incapable of dissolving metals more electro-negative than that to be refined; (4) the proportion of soluble electro-positive impurities must not be excessive, or these substances will accumulate too rapidly in the solution and necessitate its frequent purification; (5) the current density must be so adjusted to the strength of the solution and to other conditions that no relatively electro-positive metal is deposited, and that the cathode deposit is physically suitable for subsequent treatment; (6) the current density should be as high as is consistent with the production of a pure and sound deposit, without undue expense of voltage, so that the operation may be rapid and the "turnover" large; (7) the electrolyte should be as good a conductor of electricity as possible, and should not, ordinarily, be altered chemically by exposure to air; and (8) the use of porous partitions should be avoided, as they increase the resistance and usually require frequent renewal. It is porous, but the pores are small, except one or two rows in the springwood. How to use nonporous in a sentence. April 25, 2020 by admin Leave a Comment. In the limiting case of a long fine tube, the bore of which varies in such a manner that U is constant, the state of the substance along a line of flow may be represented by the line of constant total heat, d(E+pv) = o; but in the case of a porous plug or small throttling aperture, the steps of the process cannot be followed, though the final state is the same. Porous carbon blocks, made by strongly heating a mixture of powdered charcoal with oil, resin, &c., were introduced about a generation later, and subsequently various preparations of iron (spongy iron, magnetic oxide) found favour. Thus, if dry clay is prevented from expanding, and one side be sub j ected to water pressure while the other side is held up by a completely porous medium, the percolation will be exceedingly small; but if the pressure preventing the expansion is reduced the clay will swell, and the percolation will increase. For pot culture, the soil should consist of three parts turfy loam to one of leaf-mould and thoroughly rotted manure, adding enough pure grit to keep the compost porous. Such a rock is typically exemplified by a coarse-grained sandstone or conglomerate, while a limestone may be naturally porous, or, like the Trenton limestone of Ohio and Indiana, rendered so by its conversion into dolomite and the consequent production of cavities due to shrinkage - a change occurring only in the purer limestones. Sentence examples for semi-porous from inspiring English sources. It has passed into solution, filtered through the porous matrix, and has been again precipitated when the conditions were suitable. How do you use porous in a sentence? ‘The porous defense is beginning to come under attack by the pitching staff.’ ‘The quick pace also has helped keep the porous defense more alert and involved.’ ‘His stock also has been hurt by being shuffled around a lot on a porous defense.’ It diffuses very rapidly through a porous membrane, and through some metals at a red heat (T. During the rainy season there is a considerable body of water in these channels, but owing partly to rapid evaporation and partly to the porous character of the soil the surface of the country dries rapidly. It was found, for instance, that a film of insoluble copper ferrocyanide, deposited in the walls of a porous vessel by the inward diffusion and meeting of solutions of copper sulphate and potassium ferrocyanide, would allow water to pass, but retained sugar dissolved in that liquid. The electromotive force of each cell is i 07 volts and the resistance 3 ohms. Tantalum tetroxide, Ta 2 0 4, is a porous dark grey mass harder than glass, and is obtained by reducing the pentoxide with magnesium. Another method of filtering into a vacuum is to immerse a porous jar ("Pukall cell") in the liquid to be filtered, and attach a suction-pipe to its interior. The porous texture of a … 0. Examples of porous in a sentence, how to use it. Dancers like to wear porous clothing because it allows the ready passage of water and air. Because Jack is clumsy, he is prone to injury. SpongeBob, as his song goes, "lives in a pineapple under the sea/absorbent and yellow and porous is he!" The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Lord Kelvin's experiment with a current of gas forced through a porous plug is also given.

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