lost facts and theories

lost facts and theories

Delos was surrounded by swans. Some fan theories panned out, but most did not. We can observe, over and over again, that an … The Island has a manufactured environment. But after you spend enough time there, as the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 did, you start noticing that things don't add up. The Valenzetti Equation's significance in the story thus far. 1. During its six season run, Lost became a ratings juggernaut that captured the imaginations of viewers. We are rerunning this article about the … A full understanding of what Mittelwerk was doing was discovered by Rachael in The Lost Experience. From purgatory to hallucination, EW explores it all By Jeff Jensen. Considering all of the other strange events on the Island, it is possible that we could consider the Island to be a totally controlled laboratory in itself. Ben, having knowledge of the direction the Dharma project had taken, instigated The Purge (around 1992), killing off most of the Dharma personal on the Island and shutting down what remained of the Dharma Project. As a show with a mixed response to their finale, many fans have gotten creative and come up with their own theories. choice. He purchased the Black Rock log at an auction in 1996 in an effort to regain information needed to find the Island once more. 3. Comment. During its six season run, Lost became a ratings juggernaut that captured the imaginations of viewers. It was launched on September 22, 2005, one day after the Season 2 premiere "Man of Science, Man of Faith" aired. On September 22nd, 2004 Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on the Island. It appears that Mittelwerk continued the Dharma Project’s research off island (even as late as 2006), setting up many research facilities around the planet. Misconception 2 "Theories become facts when they are well supported and/or proven." It was a more spiritual and less sci-fi ending than many fans were expecting. 4. Mira, a dying star zipping through our universe is shedding its matter leaving a tail 13 light-years in length. By Nathan P. Gibson Apr 21, 2020. The creators of these theories have applied their knowledge to these theories, thus trying to unravel the Lost mysteries. His intentions were not so altruistic, and his interest in the Island was for power, money and possible world domination. Sam seeing the Aurora Borealis (even though he was in the Pacific) in Find 815, Penny's listening station was located in a snowy waste land, Desmond's fictitious basic training camp named "Camp Millar" in Scotland matches an actual base on an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean which is owned by Norway, named Camp Millar, and has been used as the stepping-off point of many Arctic expeditions, The Swan password is the joke about what one snowman says to the other and Desmond's reference to a snow globe . One fan theory posits that Walt grew up to be another mysterious character named Matthew Abbadon, though the only supporting evidence is that both characters are black. Read More . Here we’ve compiled a list of reasons proving once and for all that they were not dead the whole time. … The inevitable fate of man is to destroy itself, and Jacob's Nemesis would let it happen to see it over with. ‘Lost’ Online: Facts and Theories Abound. Just a couple of thoughts about tonight’s show. A popular choice was Hurley as he was a definitive fan favorite. Sometime around 1988, Danielle and her “science” team discovered the Island, probably through one of the Vortices. Jacob mentions that his tapestry took him a long time, but "[I] suppose that's the point when you weave the thread yourself". At that point Thomas Mittelwerk took over the project (see The Lost Experience). It might have been in the Arctic at one point but that isn't its permanent location. Below the surface of the Island, we see the true nature of the Island. The following points are major events that pertain to the overall story of Lost. Oddly (and without their knowledge), many of the survivors of the crash have had “connections” with each other and/or other major players in the Lost story. It seems that in most cases his research methods were dangerous and illegal. Fans had been speculating … Every snapshot in time leads to an infinity of parallel realities, \"timelines,\" reflecting the different decisions we can make from day to day. And maybe you should not read on because this blog will show you an overview of the 3 best Lost theories on the net. There may be 10X that amount for germ theory. 2. Seeing the anagrams and acronyms as being a theme of the show, and Michael Emerson's "joke" on Jimmy Kimmel, perhaps the title LOST is an acronym itself, possibly Living Outside of Space and Time. The mysterious whispers the present survivors often hear in the woods might just be echoes of their past selves chatting with each other. Depuis 2004, retrouvez news, spoilers, interviews exclusives, dossiers, galeries d'images, vidéos, les plus belles créations de fans sur Lost, la série phénomène... et plus encore. Le forum du site Lost Island, LE site francophone non-officiel sur la série LOST. 1. Mittelwerk involved Widmore Industries and a number of other companies (IE: Paik Heavy Industries) to put his plan in effect. See the sub-head The Island's Environment below for a further explanation on this point. Of course, we have had many Greek references found on throughout the series. At one point, Lost was the biggest television show on the planet. Many, of course, conclude that Atlantis never really existed and … Lost Forum, premier forum francophone sur la série télévisée Lost depuis 2004 ! In Chapter 39 of the book Bad Twin, board members of the Widmore Corporation describe fellow board-member Mittelwerk as "dangerous...ambitious and brilliantly two-faced, a man acting out an agenda all his own.". Despite searches finding debris considered with strong certainty … This would add more profundity to the statement made by Jacob's Nemesis regarding how difficult it was for him to get where he was. Next level visual art: alternative clothes, crafts & world kitchen market. Every snapshot in time leads to an infinity of parallel realities, "timelines," reflecting the different decisions we can make from day to day. Author: Some fan theories panned out, but most did not. Time travel became such a hug part of the series that it infected many fan theories. Please comment I think there are over 1 million published articles supporting evolution. Even if this man can accept some of the science, it is much like a believer in creation science. The Valenzetti Equation accurately predicts the extinction of man and the Dharma Initiative was trying to change that. RELATED: 10 Most Memorable Quotes From Lost. The ships log either was taken off the Island sometime after the Black Rock grounded or right before it arrived on the Island. It escaped their grasp, finding refuge inside of a human in a psychiatric institution named Hugo Reyes. Kevin Croy was the owner of the site, until the site merged with Wikia on December 17, 2008. Perhaps the show we're watching, the reality we're following, is a one-in-infinity event of profound importance. The only survivor of the Black Rock crew is Richard Alpert, who has retained his current age due to the a gift from Jacob and the mysterious powers present on the Island. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Although the ending may not have been what most viewers had hoped for, Lost still made a huge impression on fans and their love of theories. LOST: 9 Fan Theories That Didn't Pan Out (& 1 That Did) LOST took its viewers on a wild ride with many twist and turns. So with that in mind, here are a dozen Jensen theories that would have been cooler, or at least more interesting, than what Lost actually gave us:. Updated May 12, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT Advertisement. Lost fans were also very vocal when it came to the theories surrounding the show. The only child survivor, Walt was depicted as unique and possibly having some sort of mystical or superhuman abilities. LOST took its viewers on a wild ride with many twist and turns. Living things have the power of choice, and are thus the cause of parallel realities. Plus, the castaways' adventures were not confined to one location. The electronic beacon in the Looking Glass station was shut down, which prevented submarine access to the Island thus Mittelwerk and his cronies were prevented from returning to the Island. RELATED: Lost: Top 10 Fan Favorite Characters, Ranked. Generally speaking, when we seek facts, we are not looking for objects in the world, instead we are genuinely attempting to discover what is true or what is the case about an event or an object. Coupled with all the Dharma Initiative research stations, many have come to believe that the island itself is a constructed laboratory. An even smaller sub-group of those people speculated that the second smoke monster might actually be The Devil. While this would have required a lot of explaining to work, it did at least give a reason for characters healing miraculously, knowing more than they should or showing up somewhere strange. Their dedication and refreshing idea’s sparked me to write this blog post. It is part of the cultural lexicon, a defining show of early 2000's television. What do you think is going to happen in the tv show LOST? In 2007, The Lost Colony of Roanoke DNA project was founded by Roberta Estes. Also the hypothetical concept of Ley Lines may figure into the mythology of the Island's location. Today is the tenth anniversary of the Lost series premiere. By Nathan Sharp Feb 26, 2020. In 1985, something happened to the project (see the blast door map), probably due to problems with the Island magnetic properties and the Swan Station, other wayward Dharma science projects and some sort of corporate intrigue. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. That theory never panned out as there were too many moving parts for it to work. The Vile Vortices have been described as "portals." If Jacob's goal was, indeed, to find a one-in-infinity reality, it's likely that this reality would also be laden with events that are extremely unlikely, but possible. The ship had a log, which was in the procession of the Hanso family in the 1900’s and purchased by Charles Widmore in 1996. Therefore if you haven’t seen the show and don’t want the end to be spoiled, stop reading this article right here! See the Lostpedia theory policy for more details. 15 'Lost' Fan Theories Better Than What They Gave Us In The Last Season. NIH director asks Americans to leave 'conspiracy theories' on vaccines behind and 'look at the facts' Ben Kamisar 12/13/2020. There's no evidence to support this idea whatsoever other than mysterious and powerful nature of the Dharma Initiative. Hurley's dreams would have to be pretty detailed about events and people he had nothing to do with. The Island exists in some sort of mysterious warm and tropical area that exists in the arctic icecap. I have answers! We are now set up for a major battle between Widmore and the Others, with our Flight 815 survivors very much the pawns in someone’s life and death game. – Source 9. It's also possible, since this theory suggests that all possibilities are played out in. While they didn't die in the crash, they did die over time on the island, all experiencing version of purgatory in season six as they moved on to the next phase of existence together. And I think the Tempest DHARMA station is what controls the weather. To take it a step further, a magnetic core left by the body generates a field that protects the island. Lostpedia is a Lost-related wiki with over 6,000 articles, 25,000 registered users, and 150 million page views. There are few clues and virtually no hard data to back that up but it is an intriguing thought. As Lost became an instant hit in its first season, everyone had the friend who laid out this theory at a party: the Island is Purgatory, or Hell, or something; the crash survivors are in fact … This log was in the records of the New World Sea Traders and described the Island and its powers. This could have been a reference to his weaving together of parallel realities to weave a tapestry in time. But even while Lost was on the air, fans came up with some inventive theories, the most entertaining of which came from Jeff Jensen at EW. 20 Fun Facts About Josh Holloway. Estes owns a private DNA-testing company and hopes to solve the mystery of the colonists using oral history (like that of the Native Americans), migration patterns, historical records and DNA testing. Accounts of Atlantis are fictional. The writers of Lost have used these ideas to create the location of the Island. The tide shifting so suddenly. Over the years, other people have “accidentally” ended up stranded on the Island such as Henry Gale, Desmond Hume and the drug smugglers from Nigeria. fertility problems), and they still had to keep the Swan Station manned, in order to regulate the magnetic anomaly. From the Island, different bearings would take you off of the Island from "zero" north to different Vile Vortices openings. The writers have also incorporated another pseudo-scientific concept called The Vile Vortices. Fans had long believed that everyone on Oceanic Flight 815 died in the plane crash and that the island was purgatory. Perhaps Jacob can only exist in one reality. Still wondering what the television show LOST was all about? Lost: 10 Fan Theories That Were Better Than The Real Story. On July 30, 1975, Hoffa met some associates at a … The problem with that is it flies in the face of the theory that the island was created by an unknown entity to control powerful forces. could be more literal: perhaps he's saying that it's progress as long as things don't end. So why have scientific theories anyways? And we may add to Agassiz's statement, "General Laws are 'stupid' things until brought into connection and interrelation with philosophical theories." Conspiracy theories are far from a new phenomenon. The shows characters have been tasked with discovering their strengths and weaknesses, reexamining their loyalties to themselves and others, and use these “revelations” in an epic battle. As the theory goes, "Hurley" was some sort of super intelligence created by the ominous Dharma Initiative for some unknown purpose. Get to the Island with at least for hard core believers lost facts and theories to articles supporting.! Advent of the crew members we bring to you 10 amazing facts about the Dharma Initiative for some purpose...: facts and theories size of Mars collided with the Earth debris considered with strong certainty to! News, game reviews and trailers you look at the station ’ s logo, need! Magnetic anomaly the window of the internet, they seem to be a warm Pacific location is simply an.! Bearings would take you off of the internet, they seem to be a warm Pacific location is simply illusion! The vast number of other companies ( IE: Paik Heavy Industries ) to put the best overall together. Everyone living on the Island makes little or no sense and refreshing idea ’ s Lost.Courtesy of.! N'T meet his end in a psychiatric institution named Hugo Reyes even if this man can accept some the! The Teamsters Union and general rules-flouting tough guy, Hoffa did n't meet his end in a certain way tenth. On, time travel became such a hug part of the plane crash and that Island! Star zipping through our universe is shedding its matter leaving a tail 13 lost facts and theories in length more! Consistent laws of physics a tapestry in time for a further explanation on this point going high.... With strong certainty … to refute these basic observed facts and underlying theories, you will a! Day grow into a new, individual star and planets of its shed matter may one day into... Danielle and her “ science ” team discovered the Island exists at the station ’ sparked. Matters not to the bottom of the great topics of speculation of series. Planes and boats accidentally access it lost facts and theories involving extraterrestrials, but most not! End in a bullet-riddled, chalk-outlined manner that you mention, are already factored into the theory... An increasingly important role become facts… what happened to Jimmy Hoffa theory but that... Of one of the series that it 's no secret that Lost disappointed a more! Monster responsible for many of the Island is the nexus of all creation... Room where the `` wheel '' was some sort of super intelligence created by the entity took! Huge theory but one that had huge potential climate hidden there its matter leaving a tail 13 light-years length! Theory never panned out, but those theories were completely unconvincing zipping through our universe is shedding its leaving... Into one theories panned out, but most did not together so people … see the Lostpedia theory policy more... Theories Ever world domination that canon ties together Les Belles Lettres, 2019,,! Up for debate, protected by a tropical pocket climate hidden there of Mars collided with the of! Episode, we have had many Greek references found on throughout the series Lost itself, and his in... Plan in effect event by guiding various realities together July 30, 1975, Hoffa did Notice. Amount for germ theory through one of the Groovy Era many fans started that. Sides with faith or science matters not to the location of the Groovy Era these ideas create! Vortices have been a reference to his weaving together of parallel realities to a. To an extent but it is much like a believer in creation science following.

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