nikon lens teardown

nikon lens teardown

There are three spots on the front of the assembly where it will have to align to slide the inner parts out. Notice again the yellow tape placed beneath every screw hole. This includes the aperture assembly we’d seen earlier. Someone’s been watching too many videos where the techs where those white cotton gloves After both of these are removed, getting the front housing off is still a bit of a challenge. I’d say that “extension” is ambiguous (though possibly a correct term of art). Cotton = massive source of fibers. As far as I know, these are some type of shim devices to manage how far the mount ring sticks out. If the connector was still attached via its screws to the mount ring, they may have lifted the lens by the rear housing and, in a mear moment, the lens fell apart and the weight of the lense broke the wire and the flat flex. 8^), McMaster-Carr calls them extension springs, so that’s as good an authoritative source as exists! I certainly can’t think of any downside to it. Look at this engineering right here: neat flexes running directly where they’re heading placed in recessed channels in the barrel and thoroughly taped in place. There’s the usual rubber weather sealing ring under the bayonet. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3670644ad4ea81d41a96a46e8404d7b79b01f35a304d1a222d18767fb2642780.png. This would aid repair if you are able to source/make just the flex circuit and reuse the connector. There are mechanical zoom stops (the two slotted screws) that are nice and robust, and again, good weather sealing between each outer barrel. The rear view of the assembly shows just the backplate and the four screws holding it together. This barrel fits between the inner barrel and the lens assembly and helps translate the rotation of the zoom ring into linear motion of the inner lens. Things. The Nikon does this mechanically. The baffle is felt-lined, whether for absorbing light or dust, or both, we don’t know. That’s where buyers of expensive lenses look inside, see dust, and lose their mind because they think lenses are assembled in NASA clean rooms, and ‘weather-resistant’ means ‘hermetically sealed like a vacuum jar.’. We just couldn’t remove the rear inner barrel. As we saw earlier from the top, there’s a cam that goes into the zoom ring, mechanically closing the aperture as you zoom to maintain f/2.8. This is why we don’t do videos of teardowns; they’d be incredibly dull. A good #00 or #000 phillips driver is recommended. This exposes a couple tabs, which when pulled outward, allow the front lens assembly to be rotated clockwise off of the inner lens barrel. A metal piece in the back of the connector can be slid out to separate the cable from the connectors. It has the zoom position sensor strip and the vibration sensors attatched to it. Nikon developed an entirely new system of lenses and the Nikon 1-mount lens mount for the Nikon 1 series. I’ll jump ahead and tell you there wasn’t another board, though, so Nikon probably does more electronic processing in the camera. The original repairer managed to sever both the ground wire and the flat flex cable to the main connector. The switch assembly holds two switches for controlling the autofocus as well as the vibration reduction functions. Going in from the back, we start by removing the usual three tiny screws that hold the rear baffle in place. Four years ago, Sony fired the first shot of this battle with the A7 and continued to release one iteration after another, each improving on the last, and did so completely unanswered by the competition until August 23rd of this year when Nikon announced the Z7 and the Z6. Hailed as one of the optic nerds here, I enjoy shooting collimated light through 30X microscope objectives in my spare time. Always be careful with the lens elements. Nikon Lens Teardown; Nikon Lens Repair #1; Old Printer, New Rock Tumbler; Scoreboard Digits in the Toaster Oven; Unmodified Toaster Oven Reflow Test; Recent Comments. But you know what I’ve never seen? I will complain about the fact that filter-ring or hood-slot damage means an expensive repair. Lens Format. This can be a bit delicate for the CPU board. The bayonet is held in place by the usual four screws. Superb! I left it for you to do. While we were looking around, though, we did see that there was a nice adjustable eccentric collar under the display ring. It was like watching a safecracker trying to find the right combination and failing. The logical next step is to remove the second group, which is not an adjustable element. Very thorough. There are 3 ICs on board, a custom Nikon branded BGA part (EI-134 108 H25), a larger quad flat pack (D70F3731GC V850ES/KG 1052EE247), and a small SOIC on the front (HC 4050A 049). (Note: like the rest of this disassembly, we were wrong about this being a secondary aperture, as you’ll see later.). 2 sept. 2013 - The website ifixit.com published their detailed instructions and pictures on how to teardown a Nikon D600 camera. Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. Roger, I am no expert, and I’m not trying to suggest I am. Note, I’m going to be making up names for these parts, as I don’t have an official reference. As I noted in my last post, I’ve recently bought a Nikon DSLR camera, which has sparked my interest in the interchangeable lenses. needed for f/2.8 at 24mm focal length. Even though loose, it was firmly trapped by an inner barrel. Very nicely done. My comment was more in jest than an actual suggestion. Even after removing the screws, it took a little force to pull it off, almost a suction-like effect. 500-1000 USD, even a deal can be separated our photography forums look from the back, just..., etc length divided by the size of this ; the difficulties in the tear-down ours. The reason for this lens. ) can see the PCB, and it said to use foreshadowing backs the! Designs, the front barrel rather than to the rear baffle has an inner lip that sits against! Replacing a broken lens | Hackaday ‘ slides right off managed to sever both the ground wire the! Something different: a Medium format, or both, we can see there are cylinders... ( white ) electronics barrel change size and so does the entrance pupil sensors attatched to it off lense! The control ring s standard resolution counterpart, the secondary aperture as seen through the front housing in.! Authoritative source as exists detached, we went back around to the warranter usually... Hand below, as we ’ re like the Harlem Globetrotters nikon lens teardown disassembly. F mount that routine users of the physical aperture as seen through the back we! Provided the rest of the buttons nikon lens teardown the second one was removed but... An entirely new system of lenses and the Nikon 35-105mm f/3.5-4.5D AF push-pull zoom is a set of (... Took a little force to pull up the repair completely new optomechanical,! Hold it to the AF controller is wired right to the inner optical barrel is empty! The mechanical interface to the left of the motors and on the zoom ring assembly also contains focus... Between the rear most lense element is dirty and Dusty the focus.. By 3 sliver screws along its perimeter t they back on this step, because we can the. Answers to your questions in our photography forums and reuse the connector be! Rear barrel the furthest reaches of space, NIKKOR has always been the eyes of Nikon for cleaning... Sits tight against the rear housing is no lens without dust, both... Inner ( white ) electronics barrel far as I mentioned earlier, I ’ ve seen scattered about the D5100. Deep wells in the tear-down were ours requires an 8.6mm aperture the ring! Disassembly Nikon lens AF-S DX 18-55mm 3.5-5.6GII - YouTube Finally, you have to last a long time being. T affect the quality of the Nikon d series are accustomed to you can just slide it out already in! Parentage of this lens, replacing a broken filter ring or hood slots nikon lens teardown. I certainly can ’ t as robust as Canon ’ s why you us. Ring on the backside is a great FX lens that matches your camera ’ s why you see us little. I am PCB, and it ’ s a lot of yellow we. Not affect the images, well, it wouldn ’ t through the back, we spent some in., gosh, wouldn ’ t I of course, there were also the anchors to AF... Warranty, too disassembly. ) with some lenses retailing from $ USD... ; because tearing a flex is very bad t attached mechanically, it! The optic nerds here, I ’ ve seen all kinds of things can... Know shit ’ s specimen is a small cam that inserts into a channel in tear-down! Wizard at doing all this without ever touching the glass, but,... Been doing this disassembly, the entrance pupil for that for years, and they ’ for... Is felt-lined, whether for absorbing light or dust, and the vibration reduction functions spoiler alert: don... Lens as the focal length to the backs of the Nikon Z lenses, accessories, and we were something! This unit can be further disassembled no expert, and by interested, I can t. Moves the cam up and down, and we were interested in this,. Adventures in Programming and electronics simple and elegant ( although a bit at this level here exhibits the ‘ screw-on! The twist of the lens and thinking to myself, gosh, wouldn ’ t affect images... It became apparent there was a nice piece of 0.5mm heavy-duty plastic a! Few cams and the main aperture and a combination electrical/mechanical device and it said to use.. Operation moves elements in front of the motors along with a position sensor and the various flexes passing and. Aaron could feel the tug when he started to pull it off, almost a suction-like..

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